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This is my page about Native American items of interest with links articles and so forth.

I grew up in an era where it wasn't always cool, so to say, to be a Native American. I still say Indian.

I was and still am proud to be Native American. When we traced the lineage back and put it on paper for the government, it came back as Miami Indians of Indiana. There is also Wea and EEl River Nations in our blood. My grandmother took me to the meetings and I always remember a wonderful lady by the name of Lora Siders. To me she was the most awesome Miami member I remember with fondness. She made it her life to try to put the Miami's out there and make sure people knew we were a Nation.

I have put on some links to the different sites for the Nations.

The picture is my oldest grandson, Brady, when he was voted Best Dancer and Best Drummer at one of the many Pow-Wows he participated in.

I also added a website from one of the best Native American stores here in Austin that gets the items hand made from different Nations out west. He goes and picks up the items him self. Almost everything in his store is hand made. If not it will be listed as not hand made.

If you have any links pertaining to other Native American items please let me know and I will add them to my website.